AZUL DESTINATIONS entered into Heads of Agreement with the Government of The Bahamas on October 6, 2022, for a new cruise port development (to be called CALYPSO COVE) on the southern end of Long Island, Bahamas. The Government approved the cruise destination project based on its strong prospects for the economic impact on the Bahamas (direct, indirect, and induced) as well as its ability to further solidify its overall tourism offering. The planned two-berth cruise port will be able to take up to 13,000 guests daily and will be an exciting addition to all duration Bahamas deployments.


AZUL DESTINATIONS fully supports the Bahamian Government’s desire to deliver a truly Bahamian experience at the destination. CALYPSO COVE is intended to be constructed as a premier independent and cruise destination intended on serving multiple cruise lines as clients featuring a Bahamian themed cruise port together with a long-term plan to further develop Long Island, Bahamas.


CALYPSO COVE’s unique location will provide flexibility for sailings in the range of 4 days and greater cruises from ports in Florida, Charleston, Baltimore, New York, and further support deployments from Gulf ports. Beyond the advantages that are driven by its location, we are confident the cruise destination will create demand for cruises that include CALYPSO COVE due to the port's ability to deliver a uniquely all-inclusive Bahamian experience.


AZUL DESTINATIONS anticipates that the project shall encourage and inspire Bahamians in Long Island and otherwise to invest likewise to help support and share a much needed economic pie in the Southern Bahamas.


CALYPSO COVE will be designed and constructed as a fully self-sustained eco-sensitive “Green” development, becoming the first of its kind in The Bahamas. It will include the latest renewable technology available, leaving the least environmental impact and footprint upon the most pristine area of the Central Bahamas and Southern Bahamas.

Long Island is a cool place many people go there.