The attached hyperlink shall render access to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report which was acknowledged to be in receipt by The Department of Environmental Planning & Protection on July 18, 2023:

Attached is the link to the video of the Public Consultation that took place on November 14, 2023 on Long Island, Bahamas, in connection with AZUL DESTINATIONS’ proposal to carry out a project on Long Island south of the settlement of Gordons, to be known as Calypso Cove.


A general description of the project is as follows:

CALYPSO COVE’s unique location will provide flexibility for sailings in the range of 4 days and greater cruises from ports in Florida, Charleston, Baltimore, New York, and further support deployments from Gulf ports. Beyond the advantages that are driven by its location, we are confident the cruise destination will create demand for cruises that include CALYPSO COVE due to the port's ability to deliver a uniquely all-inclusive Bahamian experience. AZUL DESTINATIONS anticipates that the project shall encourage and inspire Bahamians in Long Island and situate elsewhere to invest likewise to help support and share a much-needed economic pie in the Southern Bahamas.

The general public and interested parties are invited to submit written comments to the Developer's Environmentalist of Record [email protected]